10th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

University of Sevilla - Sevilla (Spain) | 1st-3rd June, 2016 | http://www.pacbb.net/

The success of Bioinformatics in recent years has been prompted by research in Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine in several initiatives. These initiatives gave rise to an exponential increase in the volume and diversification of data, including nucleotide and protein sequences and annotations, high-throughput experimental data, biomedical literature, among many others.

Systems Biology is a related research area that has been replacing the reductionist view that dominated Biology research in the last decades, requiring the coordinated efforts of biological researchers with those related to data analysis, mathematical modeling, computer simulation and optimization.

The accumulation and exploitation of large-scale data bases prompts for new computational technology and for research into these issues. In this context, many widely successful computational models and tools used by biologists in these initiatives, such as clustering and classification methods for gene expression data, are based on Computer Science/ Artificial Intelligence (CS/AI) techniques. In fact, these methods have been helping in tasks related to knowledge discovery, modeling and optimization tasks, aiming at the development of computational models so that the response of biological complex systems to any perturbation can be predicted.

The 10th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (PACBB) aims to promote the interaction among the scientific community to discuss applications of CS/AI with an interdisciplinary character, exploring the interactions between sub-areas of CS/AI, Bioinformatics, Chemoinformatics and Systems Biology.

Brand new ideas in these fields are sought, as well as substantial and relevant revisions and actualizations of previously presented work, project summaries and PhD thesis presented or not.

Special Issues

Interdisciplinary Sciences-Computational Life Sciences
Special issue in the Interdisciplinary Sciences-Computational Life Sciences for extended versions of the best papers. (2014 JCR Impact Factor: 0.662)
Special issue in the Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics for extended versions of selected papers. Indexed by PubMed and DBLP Computer Science Bibliography.
Relevant works on applied bioinformatics using ANNs would be considered for giving part of a special issue on the Neurocomputing journal
Additionally, a careful selection of the best applied works (3-6 manuscripts) will be invited to extend their contributions for fast track in Journal of Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Authors of selected papers from DCAI 2016 will be invited to submit an extended and improved version to a special issue published in Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering (2014 JCR Impact Factor: 0.38)
The best papers from PAAMS 2016 and Co-located Events will be expanded and revised for inclusion in "Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal" (http://www.cs.uvm.edu/~kais/) by Springer. (JCR Impact Factor: 1.782)

Accommodation grants

IWT2 Research Group offers 40 grants/awards to doctoral and young doctors both to the event itself (including Workshops and Special Sessions) and to the parallel Co-located events.

More information: http://www.paams.net/open-calls/call-for-grants-awards